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3386 reviews
Great stuff

This is great stuff. Cleaned my leather so well and waterproofed it.

Leather Better 1kg (35.2 oz)
Xandra van der Geer
Best product ever!!

This product is not only awesome for your leather materials but AMAZING on wood furniture too!! We had our oak furniture in containers for 2 1/2 years and the came out terrible. Leather Better made them as new!!! One happy lady here! 😊

Leather Better 150g (5.3 oz)
Dr. George Miller
Yup,does what I expected

Good product for minor scuffs and scraps and brings back a general luster depending on the finish of the leather. Quite satisfied with the product.

Leather Better Purchase

It did not work. I have been wanting to return the product but have not had time to research how. Please inform me on how to return and receive a refund.

Love The Protection

Thank you for making a great product to protect my designer leather bags, shoes and interior of my Escalade.