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Leather Better

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Best Leather

I love this stuff! I thought I would have to through out my leather sofa but it came back beautifully!

sorry wasn’t impressed

Sorry Wasn’t impressed. Did not apply as easy a presented on the ad and result wasn’t that great

The only leather treatment for all tack

I have been riding for 50 years, and after all the different products that I have used on my tack I can honestly say this is the best, by a mile!!! I am not going back, I have tossed out all the old products I had. Leather better is the only thing in my tack box now.

I never received my order. I'd like to know what happened to it.
Rose Adams

Wouldn’t buy again!

It doesn’t work like you are saying. I have a new leather couch I had just bought and it had a scratch on it. It did nothing to it. Waste of my money.