All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner



  • Leather Better 150g (5.2 oz)
    Leather Better 150g (5.2 oz) - Leather Conditioner
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    Leather Better 2X 150g (5.2 oz) - Leather Conditioner
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  • Leather Better 1Kg (35.2 oz)
    Leather Better 1Kg (35.2 oz) - Leather Conditioner
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Natural Leather Beautification & Protection

Bring your leather’s look back to life with Leather Better, our all-natural beeswax-based leather conditioner, proudly made in Canada. 

Leather Better restores, waterproofs, conditions, and protects your leather in just minutes. Simply apply a thin layer with a rag or sponge, wipe the excess dry, and walk away to a renewed look and lasting shine. Your leather boots, shoes, jackets, bags, and furniture are left looking irresistibly handsome and ready to take on the elements.



Leather Boots and Shoes

Leather Better swiftly brings a brilliant glow to your leather boots and shoes, but you get more than just good looks.

Harnessing the power of natural beeswax, Leather Better works to waterproof and protect your leather footwear from the inside out. The harsh elements of rain, snow, and sun, don’t stand a chance.

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Leather Upholstery

Breathe new life into your leather furniture, by applying Leather Better to leather or vinyl couches, sofas, love seats, chairs, car upholstery, ottomans, and more.

 Watch signs of wear melt away, scuff marks fade and surface pet scratches dramatically improve in appearance.  Suddenly, your prized pieces are set to withstand the tests of time, wine, and kids.

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Leather Bags

Keep your prized leather bag looking like-new, even if you’ve owned it for a lifetime.  A regular application of Leather Better will keep it looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it, while protecting it against anything the city or the country can throw its way.

Whatever adventures you embark on, you can feel confident knowing that your bag is in good hands with Leather Better. 

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Leather Motorcycle Gear

Take on the road with the confidence that your leather is looking its best. From the first mile, to the last mile, Leather Better will ensure that your motorcycle gear is polished and protected for all the rigors of the road. 

Gently massage Leather Better into your leather or vinyl jackets, gloves, chaps, and motorcycle seats for a lasting glow and uncanny defense against sun, snow, and rain. No slickness, no stickiness, no down time. 

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Leather Saddlery and Tack

Reinvigorate your ride by applying Leather Better to your leather or vinyl horse tack. Tired looking saddles, stirrups, bridals, halters, reins and martingales are instantly transformed to their former greatness and equipped to take on whatever the equine lifestyle throws at them. 

Citrus oils infused into each can of Leather Better work to silently kill and prevent mold from growing on tack, helping make your precious equipment last for years to come.

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Wood Furniture & Antiques

Transport the look of your favorite wood antiques, tables, and chairs from the past to the present by applying Leather Better throughout. Watch as scratches fade away, surfaces shine, and old becomes new again. 

Leather Better also protects against stubborn water rings and prevents wood from splitting, meaning your valued antiques are sure to last for generations to come. 

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Leather Better made my old hiking boots look like new! I used my hands to apply it to my old hiking boots, and the colour that had been rubbed off from years of wear, reappeared like magic.

Carol P.

My boots and purses are an investment - and I know I can count on Leather Better to keep keep them looking amazing.

Charlott C

A versatile product with many uses. I applied it to my antique table and the wood looks much happier.

Author's naChris. Zme

Great stuff. Lost my last one in my divorce. Even she wanted it.

Dan G.

It does a beautiful job of cleaning and keeping our leather seats looking good! It works on all our leather and vinyl just like you said.

Ricky N.

I used it in my green leather Harley jacket and it brightened it right up.

Russel M.

I used Leather Better on a damaged wood table, and the scratches disappeared. 

Jessie S.

Thanks for creating this product! It's a necessity - and keeps my leather goods looking great.

Charlott C

Beautiful conditioning on my Moorby boots. Will definitely use on my Indian seat, even on my car seats. Highly recommend this leather conditioner!

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