The Leather Better Story

My name is Daniel Fagan, founder and President of Leather Better. While the Leather Better story officially begins in the summer of 2014, my introduction to the world of leather conditioning started way back in 2010, when I was a full-time backpacker living in Australia.

While looking for work, I answered an ad to sell a leather conditioner at a home show in Brisbane and figured it would be a one-time gig. Little did I know that answering that ad would be the beginning of my future career. I fell in love with the business, the process of selling it, and travelling around to trade shows and markets all over Australia. More importantly, I learned how beneficial a good leather conditioner is and how happy it made people to see their old leather restored right before their eyes.

A year passed, my work visa in Australia had expired and it was time to come back home to Toronto, Canada. I began to question the next step in my life and what career path I would ultimately want to choose. I did a little research to see if there was a local leather conditioner that I could sell at home. What I discovered was the only products available were made overseas, contained harmful chemicals and did not do a very good job.

I knew that with a little research, I could create a leather conditioner that was nontoxic, all natural, locally made, that performed better than anything else on the market. Through a lot of trial and error and making a mess of my dad’s kitchen, Leather Better was born.

I remember how nervous I was my first time selling my own product at the Havelock County Jamboree, a country music festival in Ontario. Would people like it? Would people buy it? How would they respond? After an overwhelmingly positive response to the product, my fears soon subsided, and the show was a huge success.

Now, six years later, myself and a team of dozens of dedicated salespeople, travel the nation, to showcase Leather Better to people all over Canada.  Hundreds of trade shows, thousands of happy customers, and many memories made along the way; it has truly been a dream come true.

Now available online, I stand by the same principles that have made Leather Better a success. I promise to continue making the highest quality leather conditioner available, to provide the best service possible, and most importantly to listen to you the customer.

I always appreciate your feedback and am open to any suggestions on how to improve the customer experience. So please, send me an email, strike up a live chat, or stop by our booth at the next trade show.

Warm Regards and happy conditioning,

Yours truly,

Daniel Fagan
Founder & President

Leather Better

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This stuff is a lifesaver

Using on multiple items

We have been using the Leather Better on multiple items and have had great results. We will be purchasing again soon. Easy to apply and you can see results just as quickly as you see in the photos.

Awesome product!

I was very impressed with your product. So far I have used it on one saddle, and multiple pairs of boots. Some of the boots were pretty worn, and Leather Better restored them to an almost new condition. I was hesitant to spend the money on it, but I am very happy that I did. I think you should rename it to “ secret sauce “


I was very skeptical to purchase this when I saw the ad on Facebook. We had a beautiful leather couch that had become scratched from our Westie jumping up on it. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised when my order came and 90% of the scratches disappeared on my couch without changing the color of the leather. I have also use this on an antique thread cabinet made of oak that had lost all of its gleam ! It is now restored to its former glory. I love this product !

I love this stuff!

I use this on all my, purses and bags. It is a wonder worker!