Leather Better: Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Leather Better?

A) Leather Better is an all-natural beeswax-based leather conditioner that cleans, polishes, waterproofs and protects your prized leather and vinyl goods, including bags, furniture, upholstery, shoes, boots, motorcycle gear, horse tack & more.

Simply apply a thin layer of Leather Better with a rag or sponge, wipe the excess dry, and say hello to leather with a renewed look and lasting shine, ready to take on the elements

Q) Will Leather Better leave a sticky residue? If I put it on my couch saddle or car seats will I be able to sit on it right away?

A) As long as you wipe your leather dry after you have applied it, Leather Better will not leave any sticky or greasy residue. Your leather will absorb all that it needs, simply wipe off any excess with a cloth. While microfiber cloths generally work best, any available cloth will do.

Q) Can I use Leather Better on any color leather?

A) Leather Better is color neutral and can be used on all colors. However, light colors may darken, so it always a good idea to test on a small area before applying.

Q) Will Leather Better attract dust?

A) As long as you wipe the surface dry after applying, (a microfiber cloth generally works best), your Leather will be dry to the touch and not attract any additional dust.

Q) What ingredients is Leather Better made of?

A) Leather Better is made from just three natural ingredients. 

  • Canadian Beeswax
  • Tallow
  • D Limonene (for a pleasant citrus aroma)

Q) Can I use Leather Better on suede, nubuck or any unfinished leather?

A) Leather Better is not recommended for these types of leather. While the product will not damage these surfaces, it will change the look and feel of the material. If you are ever unsure, spot test on a small area before applying to your goods.

Q) How often should I apply Leather Better?

A) For shoes and boots that are worn on a regular basis, it is recommended to apply Leather Better once per month to maintain maximum protection and finish. For furniture, automotive and motorcycle seats, jackets, and horse tack, applying every two to three months is recommended for optimal results.

Q) What is the shelf life? How long will Leather Better last?

A) Leather Better is very resilient and will last you many many years without drying-out or going bad. Your product could easily last you 10 years or more, and you will likely run out before its effectiveness is ever impacted.

Q} Can Leather Better freeze? Can I leave it in the garage/shed/tack room?

A) Yes Leather Better can freeze without damaging the product. Once it thaws out it will be good to go.

Q) What makes Leather Better different than any other leather conditioner I have used in the past, and why should I try Leather Better when I already own a similar product?

A) There are a couple of key differences between Leather Better and many of the other leather conditioners you may have seen or used in the past.

  1. First and foremost, Leather Better contains only natural ingredients instead of the chemical solvents that many leading brands are made of. Unlike chemical based Leather Conditioners on the market, Leather Better has a very pleasant citrus scent instead of the all too familiar chemical smell of other products.
  2. Secondly, Leather Better is colour neutral. You do not need a black can for black leather or a blue can for blue leather, one can will do for any colour of Leather.
  3. Lastly, Leather Better will fully waterproof your Leather goods upon application, protecting them from anything mother nature can through their way. 

While some competing products might temporarily improve the look of your leather, Leather Better takes the protection a step further, conditioning, protecting and waterproofing your prized leather goods. The result is a beautiful transformation, making dry, scratched and tattered leather instantly look like new again.

Q) Which size Leather Better product is best for me?

A) If you are only sticking to one pair of shoes or boots, our small single can (150G) should last you about forty to fifty applications.

However, if you plan on applying Leather Better to bigger jobs, such as couches, automotive seats or saddles, our large Leather Better tub (1KG) is the way to go.

Our large size is the best value for your money, and can rest assured that it will never dry out or expire.

So even if it takes you a long time to use up your product, you will feel confident knowing that you have Leather Better in your corner for years to come and that it will perform just as good down the road as the day you bought it.

Q) Is Leather Better only for leather?

A ) Leather Better can be used to protect a wide variety of surfaces beyond leather. It is also great for wood, vinyl, synthetic leather, oil skin coats, rubber or metal.

Use Leather Better to restore an old wooden table or chair, bring out the colour in your vinyl furniture or bring polish and shine to the dashboard of your car. Use it to shine and protect your rubber boots or to clean and add sparkle to the tires on your car. The uses and applications of Leather Better are truly endless!

Q) Can I use Leather Better on exotic animal leather?

A) Yes. Leather Better is fantastic for conditioning and protecting all of your exotic leathers. Snakeskin, ostrich, cayman, or whatever exotic leather you may have, Leather Better will work to restore and protect your exotics, leaving them looking like new. Keep in mind that some colours of exotic leather may darken upon application, and we always recommend spot testing on a small area before applying.

Q) Can I use Leather Better on bonded leather products?

A) Leather Better is not specifically formulated to treat bonded leather products. Appling Leather Better to bonded leather products is not likely to result in color restoration or scratch repair.  

 Ready to start conditioning, waterproofing and protecting your Leather Goods for the long-haul? Buy your Leather Better now. 

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This stuff is a lifesaver

Using on multiple items

We have been using the Leather Better on multiple items and have had great results. We will be purchasing again soon. Easy to apply and you can see results just as quickly as you see in the photos.

Awesome product!

I was very impressed with your product. So far I have used it on one saddle, and multiple pairs of boots. Some of the boots were pretty worn, and Leather Better restored them to an almost new condition. I was hesitant to spend the money on it, but I am very happy that I did. I think you should rename it to “ secret sauce “


I was very skeptical to purchase this when I saw the ad on Facebook. We had a beautiful leather couch that had become scratched from our Westie jumping up on it. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised when my order came and 90% of the scratches disappeared on my couch without changing the color of the leather. I have also use this on an antique thread cabinet made of oak that had lost all of its gleam ! It is now restored to its former glory. I love this product !

I love this stuff!

I use this on all my leather...boots, purses and bags. It is a wonder worker!