Leather Better 2X 150g

Leather Better 2X 150g

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Leather Better is an all-natural beeswax-based leather conditioner, formulated to condition, waterproof and protect your prized leather (or vinyl) goods from sun, rain, dust and time. The net result; longer-lasting, more beautiful looking leather. 

Simply apply a thin layer of Leather Better with a rag or sponge, wipe the excess dry, and say hello to leather with a renewed look and lasting shine, ready to take on the elements. 

Leather Better Product Size: 2X 150g (Price Per 150g: $19.99)

Our "two-pack" gives you twice the amount (300g) of our original Leather Better 150g size at an even more outstanding value. Condition, waterproof and protect double the volume of Leather or Vinyl or simply keep one and gift one to a friend.

Our two-pack gives you enough product to regularly apply Leather Better to larger leather items, or multiple pairs of Leather boots and shoes. 

You Can Use Leather Better To:

  • Restore, polish, waterproof and protect leather boots, leather shoes, leather bags, leather jackets, leather furniture, leather vehicle upholstery and more.
  • Beautify and protect motorcycle gear including leather jackets, gloves, chaps, and leather or vinyl seats.
  • Improve the appearance of pet scratches and scuffs on your leather upholstery including sofas, and chairs.
  • Bring new life to dull, cracked, tired-looking automotive upholstery.
  • Clean, polish and preserve saddlery and tack, including leather saddles, stirrups, bridals, halters, reins, and martingales.
  • Guard against the growth of mold. Citrus oils infused into each can of Leather Better help kill and prevent mold from growing on susceptible leather goods such as horse tack
  • Restore shine and polish to wood tables, wood chairs, and wood antiques. 
  • Protect wood surfaces against stubborn water rings and wood splitting.

Thousands of cans sold. Thousands of happy customers.

 Here are some of our recent customer testimonials:

  • "It does a beautiful job of cleaning and keeping our leather seats looking good! It works on all our leather and vinyl just like you said."
  • "I used it in my green leather Harley jacket and it brightened it right up."
  • "A versatile product with many uses. I applied it to my antique table and the wood looks much happier."

Manufacturer’s Notes:

  • Leather Better is safe to use on genuine leather, synthetic leather, wood, and vinyl goods. 
  • Leather Better may darken lighter colours, always test on a small area before applying.
  • Leather Better is not to be used on nubuck or suede.


  • Beeswax
  • Beef Tallow
  • D Limonene