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Great product

Used this on my car seats and piano bench. Everything came out looking almost new without scuff marks.

Great product

I am very pleased with the results after applying Leather Better on my 20 year old forest green, leather couch.The light cat scratches on the arm softened and became less noticeable and where the leather was feeling somewhat dry and worn, it became more soft and supple. I am happy as this is a comfortable, well loved couch. I have many leather chairs that I plan on treating to Leather Better love. I was also pleased with the product on my shoes.

Very appropriate

Wonderful product. Works as advertised.

Awesome stuff

Brought back my motorcycle seat to like new condition after two years of sitting uncovered outside!!

Spiffed up my old furniture very nicely

My 20 year old leather loveseat and 8 year old leather recliner were looking pretty shabby, having had no specific leather care over the years. The brown leather of the loveseat was bleached out along one whole side, and dull and patchy everywhere else. I've used the Leather Better product on it once, being very liberal with the application and rubbing it in well. It's made a huge difference! I'll give it another application soon. It's only because this was good quality furniture that it's lasted as well as it has, with nothing wrong with it except for the fading finish, so I'm very happy to have restored some of its former lustre. It obviously doesn't look new again as that would be an unrealistic expectation. The product has worked the same on my red leather recliner which looks a lot better as well. I should have started doing this years ago!