Leather Better Customer Results: Before & After

Leather Better is an all-natural, beeswax-based leather conditioner that has built its reputation on delivering amazing results. Results that truly transform the look of worn leather, leaving it soft, supple, beautiful, and protected from the elements.

But enough talk, Leather Better is best experienced in action. Below you will find real customer photos, showing the before & after transformation of a Leather Better application.

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Leather Better Customer Reviews

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This stuff is a lifesaver

Using on multiple items

We have been using the Leather Better on multiple items and have had great results. We will be purchasing again soon. Easy to apply and you can see results just as quickly as you see in the photos.

Awesome product!

I was very impressed with your product. So far I have used it on one saddle, and multiple pairs of boots. Some of the boots were pretty worn, and Leather Better restored them to an almost new condition. I was hesitant to spend the money on it, but I am very happy that I did. I think you should rename it to “ secret sauce “


I was very skeptical to purchase this when I saw the ad on Facebook. We had a beautiful leather couch that had become scratched from our Westie jumping up on it. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised when my order came and 90% of the scratches disappeared on my couch without changing the color of the leather. I have also use this on an antique thread cabinet made of oak that had lost all of its gleam ! It is now restored to its former glory. I love this product !

I love this stuff!

I use this on all my leather...boots, purses and bags. It is a wonder worker!