Leather Better Customer Results: Before & After

Leather Better is an all-natural, beeswax-based leather conditioner that has built its reputation on delivering amazing results. Results that truly transform the look of worn leather, leaving it soft, supple, beautiful, and protected from the elements.

But enough talk, Leather Better is best experienced in action. Below you will find real customer photos, showing the before & after transformation of a Leather Better application.

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Leather Better Customer Reviews

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Works Great !!

Totally improved the look and feel of the leather seats in my truck.

Way Better Than Promised

I have already totally changed the appearance and feel of two leather sofas, a loveseat, a couple of chairs and an ottoman .. followed by several pairs of my favorite brown shoes. WOW! It's hard to imagine the difference in appearance and even the feel of all these items. Leather Better has to be (without doubt) the best restorative and preservative product I've ever seen.

Good Stuff!

I used Leather Better on a leather chair that my standard poodle decided was his. We tried keeping a blanket on the chair for protection, but the pup would just ball it up and use it for a pillow. So, after giving up and realizing his claws would just continue to destroy the chair, I saw your product online. I’m sorry to not have before/after photos! This product absolutely did what it promised!!! The chair will never look “brand new” again, but it looks 90% better now that the scratches are all covered!! It looks amazing! Thank you!

Works great!

Finished almost an entire can on leather couch and armchair. Looks good!

Works amazing

Love this product. It has made a big difference in our weekly cleaning of our leather sofa. Leaves it clean and conditioned and I am so happy we found this product.