Leather Better Customer Results: Before & After

Leather Better is an all-natural, beeswax-based leather conditioner that has built its reputation on delivering amazing results. Results that truly transform the look of worn leather, leaving it soft, supple, beautiful, and protected from the elements.

But enough talk, Leather Better is best experienced in action. Below you will find real customer photos, showing the before & after transformation of a Leather Better application.

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Leather Better Customer Reviews

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So amazing!!

This stuff is fantastic! Totally restored a 30 year old pair of Doc Martens that I have, plus weatherproofed and spiffed up a bunch of other leather shoes that I have. I realized afterward that it says not to use on suede, but I did and I had no issues, it conditioned the leather perfectly.

Leather Better

Great stuff!


Revitalized my boots and handbags!