Leather Better Customer Results: Before & After

Leather Better is an all-natural, beeswax-based leather conditioner that has built its reputation on delivering amazing results. Results that truly transform the look of worn leather, leaving it soft, supple, beautiful, and protected from the elements.

But enough talk, Leather Better is best experienced in action. Below you will find real customer photos, showing the before & after transformation of a Leather Better application.

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Leather Better Customer Reviews

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Never got it

I’ve emailed you but haven’t x heard back, my shipment never arrived. Please resend

Legit product works wonders

Does a remarkable job of restoring scuffed and scratched shoes and boots. Water proofing seems very effective, smells great and I like it’s made with natural ingredients.


We love this stuff!!

Vanson motorcycle jacket refurb

I baught Leather Better to revive my bike jacket which had become dry and stiff. Two applications brought it up nicely but I think I'll give it one more for good measure. Warming up the tin gently with a heat gun made it easier to get the leather better on the rag and ultimately on the jacket. Jacket looks great.

Great product

Love this product. It does what it said it would do. Used on my leather as well as on my solid oak cabinets that had areas that had dried out.