Leather Conditioner For Boots & Shoes

Leather Better swiftly brings a brilliant glow to your leather boots and shoes, but you get more than just good looks.

Harnessing the power of natural beeswax, Leather Better works to waterproof and protect your leather footwear from the inside out. The harsh elements of rain, snow, and sun, don’t stand a chance.

A thin layer is all it takes to rejuvenate the look of cracked, worn leather boots & shoes. Watch signs of wear melt away, scuff marks fade and surface scratches dramatically improve in appearance.  

Beloved by thousands of happy customers in Canada and beyond, you can trust Leather Better to condition, polish & protect all your favorite leather goods for years to come.

Explore our three product options below to decide which size Leather Better is right for you:

*Leather Better is not for use on suede and nubuck.

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